Short Good Morning Prayers for Him/Her

Short good morning prayers: Here is a short Good Morning Prayer Text message you can use to pray for your loved ones. This prayer text is very useful when you are new in a relationship or starting your day with positive thoughts. It brings out the good in any relationship and thus makes it stronger.


Short Good Morning Prayers


  • Good morning to the love of my life. As I get ready for another day, I think of you. It is always a joy to wake up by your side every day and fall asleep wrapped in your arms. You are the best part of my day.


  • Good morning, my love; I pray that God blesses you with a wonderful and fulfilling day. I hope you know just how much I care about you and how much I pray God to continue to Bless us in our time together. Have a great day!


  • I pray that each day will bring you closer to God and help you grow stronger in your relationship with him. I pray that your faith will increase and that you will be filled with the spirit so that it shows in your life. I pray for your faithfulness and for a love that never fails. Finally, I pray that your character will be refined and perfected and better at expressing my love to you.


  • good morning, my angel. I love you so much. Today’s going to be a beautiful day, and I can’t stop thinking about you. Thank God that I met you in my life. I would never want to lose you. But if something happens, don’t forget that I’ll always love you. Good morning my sweetheart.


  • I pray that God blesses you today and showers his love on you. May he guide and protect you always. Finally, I pray that God will illuminate your mind with the knowledge you seek to strengthen your body to lead an active yet peaceful life.


  • I pray you to have a great day today, and may the love of God comfort you. Just know that I am thankful for your smile, your beautiful eyes, your innocence, and for all the good times we’ve been through.


  • I pray this day brings you much love. I pray your heart is warmed and that you realize how blessed you are to have such an amazing husband, father, son, brother, friend. Never forget the person that loves you more than anyone in the world.


  • Good morning, my dearest husband! I’m so happy to be your wife. I pray that our love will continue to grow deeper with every day we spend together! Thank you for being so amazing and loving and treating me like a queen! I’m so blessed to have you in my life.


  • Good morning, I prayed for you, and now I am sending you a warm hug, my love. I can’t wait to see you face to face, my soul mate.


  • I want to thank God for giving me such a wonderful husband who I love and adore so much. I thank Him for the environment we live in and the people around us. As you go off to work today, I pray that He will continue to bless your way. May you be satisfied and happy with every aspect of your life today. May you feel a sense of fulfillment as you pass through different life challenges. My dear sweet husband, have a good morning!


  • Good Morning, my love. I pray that the Lord keeps you today. I pray blessings upon your head. I pray that he brings you joy and contentment.



Short Good Morning Prayers for Him


  • Every morning, when I wake up, I say a quick prayer. It’s called a good morning prayer because it’s said with the most sincere gratitude! I first pray for peace in your heart, then for the world around you, and lastly, I thank God for blessing you so generously with a beautiful love. I am so thankful that He chose me to bask in your heavenly presence.


  • Good Morning! I just wanted to send you a quick prayer for your day. May the Lord bless you and all of your endeavors today. Thinking of you as always, Love.


  • Good morning, baby. I am sending you good thoughts and positive energy upon waking up today. I am sending you my love to warm your heart and fill you with happiness. May God bless you abundantly and protect you from all harm; I love you!


  • Good morning, my love! I would pray for you every day if I could. You are my light shining in the darkness of the world. I pray for your safety and protection. I pray that you would be blessed with prosperity, joy, and happiness. I am so proud to be able to call you mine.


  • God is so good! I’m sending this prayer down from the top of the mountain to the bottom. I pray for a rose garden.


  • Each morning and night, I plead for your safety and protection. God is the only one who knows how much I love you. So today, my prayer is that your day is filled with countless joys, a thousand laughs, a million smiles, and an abundance of love.


  • I wish I could get up, smile at you, and kiss you before I start my day. But sadly I can’t see you this morning. So instead, I will leave a little prayer for you, hoping it brightens your day as much as you brighten mine.


  • Good morning, my love and sweetheart. May all the powers that be bless you abundantly


  • Lord, bless my husband and the man that I love so deeply. Put your hands on him as he goes out into the work world today and speaks peace to him. Give him favor in all his endeavors and be his strength and guide as he makes decisions. Lift his spirits and give him a wonderful day.


  • I pray each morning to start my day with you, once again. I thank God that I am healthy enough to start my day with your love and to be able to finish with it as well. That being together is not only my wish but also my desire. I love you!


  • Dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful new day. Thank you for allowing us to see it and feel its glory. Thank you for bringing us together with the perfect person to share it with. Thank you for all you give us.


  • Good Morning! May God’s blessings pour upon you this day and every day. May you be glad and have peace all through the day. My love for you is never-ending.


  • Dear God, today I ask that You let the man of my dreams realize he has found his soulmate and that he is meant to be with me always. Today I ask that the love we have for each other may be abundantly multiplied in your presence. I pray for continued blessings that will keep us safe, healthy. Today I ask for patience, understanding, compassion, faithfulness, and above all, LOVE to grow and live between us.


  • May the most beautiful sunrises shine upon you today. May you be blessed with many more joyous moments together; remember that you and your loved one are in my prayers this day and every day.


  • I pray for you every morning that God will bless you in more ways than you can imagine. May he give you patience and perseverance in all things, hope in the face of hopeless situations, love when all seems lost, faith when all seems dark, and joy even in your darkest moments.


  • Good morning, my love. I pray you to have a wonderful day. May each new day be filled with happiness and joy because you are in my life.


  • To my baby, good morning. I hope you have a wonderful day. Let s write your name and put it in the love box. You are my special good morning prayer. God bless you so much this day.


  • Good morning, my sweet prince. I hope you sleep in the arms of angels last night and that your dreams were filled with only the most positive things. Today I pray for your continued success and happiness. May this day be filled with joy, bliss, and love as you answer the call to greatness!


  • Good morning, my love. The only thing I ask from you today is that you’ll think of me when you fall asleep. Now that I have you in my life, sleep will be harder to come by because wonderful thoughts will fill my mind. Maybe we can fall asleep together, next to each other, and wake up together knowing how much we love each other… Many kisses, my love


  • I pray that God will glance at me every day, I pray that He will keep my eyes on you, and I pray that my love for you grows stronger with each passing day!


  • God, I thank you for this day and the chances it will bring. I ask that you bless me with patience to handle situations and opportunities which come my way today. I pray that through your strength, I can remain peaceful and be an instrument for good in all situations.


Short Good Morning Prayers
Short Good Morning Prayers


Short Good Morning Prayers for Her


  • Good Morning, Beautiful Angel. I wake to a fresh new day with many things to do, and still, I find myself in bed thinking of you. You are the reason I breathe deeply, dragging in as much air as possible to squeeze out just a little bit more time before I see you. As each drop of my morning coffee drips from the pot, I hope that it will somehow bring me closer to breathing again in your presence once more. You give me the most amazing feeling.


  • Good morning! This candle flame burns, its fire shines, it spread warmth all around, just like the love and care I have for you. And most importantly, it lasts throughout the day.



  • God, give her strength, confidence, and focus as she prepares for her next argument. May her ego never get in the way of her goals. May her personality shine through her arguments and prove all doubters wrong. Help her to think clearly when under pressure so she can respond with a good comeback. Give her the knowledge to foresee every argument before it occurs so she can be prepared with an impenetrable defense. I pray that you will recognize how precious time is..


  • This is a prayer for my babe. May you bless her this day and shower her with Your love and mercy. Fill her heart with confidence and Your grace. May the light of Your joy shine on her today as she gets dressed for work. Help her be kind and do what is right always. Guide her in the direction she needs to fulfill all that You have done in your plans. Help her add value to others’ lives as she makes a difference.


  • Good morning, honey. I pray today is a beautiful day for you. That God will protect you and give you courage, health, peace, and prosperity today. I am so thankful that you are in my life and that He brought us together. I love you!


  • Good morning, my love. As I wake every morning thinking of you, I thank God above for blessing me with the most amazing woman in the world. May this day be as beautiful and as happy as you are……


  • Good morning, my love! I’m thinking of you today as I hope that this day will be one of the most awesome days you’ve ever had. I’m sending you lots of love and prayers for a great day.


  • “I pray that God will bless you and keep you safe, that the angels will watch over you and guide you. I love you.


  • Each morning, you are my first thought. Each night I fall asleep dreaming of you. In every dream, I am yours, and in every waking moment, you are mine. In my heart, there is a constant yearning to be with you, to feel your presence, and to be at your side. I love you for all the good things in my life and especially for all the bad things that have made me strong enough to endure anything thrown at me.


  • Good morning, my precious; how was your night? I hope you had a great one; I did miss you so. Although we are far apart, know that I pray for you to be safe and happy in every way. Today is going to be a wonderful day! Love you always.


  • Good morning, my love. I send you a prayer that today will be filled with blessings and love. Know that I miss you so much already and can’t wait to see your face later. Stay sweet, my dear.


  • Good morning, my love! I hope you have a wonderful day. I’ll be thinking of you all day and praying that God’s love will shine through me so that I can bless your life in some way today. You are the light of my life, my sweetheart, and my everything!


  • Good morning, my love. I prayed that God would give you strength and courage for the day today. I pray that your days would go by quickly so we can lay in each other’s arms for just one more second. I pray for you every day that God would grant you many more happy years and remind you of my undying love for you.


  • I pray for you every day. I pray that God would bless you and protect you and bring you happiness. I pray that He would give you peace to rest. I pray that He would guide your steps and provide for your needs. I pray that He would heal your heart and help you to fill it with love, hope, and joy today. Love, me”


  • Good morning, sweetheart. Please know I’m thinking of you. Thank God for another day together! May your day be filled with love and happiness. I love you so much, your loving husband.


  • Good morning, my love! I pray today will be a great day, that God’s love would bless it! If you need anything, let me know! I’m praying for you today.


  • Good morning, angel. You make every morning brighter, and I love you for that. I pray that you have a fabulous day, and may the blessings of God fall abundantly upon you.


  • Good morning, my love! Today I pray you to have a wonderful day filled with lots of sunshine and happiness. There are many reasons to be happy today. You are alive, you are loved, and there is so much to look forward to. Reply if you like this message :)…


  • Good Morning. I’ve had a rough night, and I just wanted to say how much I love you. While you slept, I thought of us together. We will get through this rough night and have so much brighter days still together.


  • Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful night’s sleep. I woke up early, and I just want to send you a prayer for a beautiful day. I love you, baby! Love, Your boyfriend.



Short Good Morning Prayer for Husband


  • May You be a source of strength to all those who are discouraged. You will be in my thoughts as I sip my coffee and share this day with you. Please bless the ones I love, especially my husband, Les, who loves me so very much. I will think of them as I send these warm thoughts your way as a prayer to Heaven.


  • Good morning, my love. I pray that this day finds you well. May you bask in the light of God’s grace and forgiveness. May the joy fill your heart with His love today and always. Take my love to work with you today, and may it remind you that no matter where you go or what may come your way, God is always with you. No matter what, I am always here for you.


  • hope you have a great day, my love! I will always love and miss you every day. Let the Lord take care of your whole life! We can stand anything through him!


  • Oh god, you have given me many blessings I can count. I thank you for giving me my husband. He is not only my everything but also a blessing to our little family. Help us to honor you, and thank you for all the good that my husband does. Please continue to bless us and guide us for now and always.


  • Good morning, my darling husband. I know that you have a long day ahead, and the stress is building, but remember that you are so loved! Love is a funny thing, some days, it comes easy, and others days, it’s fleeting. But every day, I want you to know that I love you, and this is how it will always be.


  • Good morning, my love; I just want you to know how much I love and cherish you. Remember to smile…have a great day


  • Good Morning, my love! I pray today to be soaked in warmth and filled with smiles from me. I hope you see a glimpse of how perfect we are together, how much I adore all the little routines that we have together, like our morning coffee or those cozy nights laying in bed watching TV or cuddling while talking about our day ahead. Like every morning, I think of you and send all my love.


  • Good morning, husband. I will never get tired of saying or writing that because I know it’s so true. Thank you for being my best friend and lover. Thank you for making waking up every morning feel so special, for bringing me a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper, and for kissing me goodbye before you leave for work. I guess it’s true what they say…


  • Good morning, my love! I say ‘my love’ because you are my everything and no one can take your place. God has blessed me with you, and every day I thank Him for sending you to help me be a better person. I send you the sweetest kiss this very moment.


  • Good morning, my angel. May the Lord bless you with His tender mercies today. A man that can love such as you are truly blessed. Use your ability to show His love and learn more about Him each day. It’s a new day, and I know your heart will surprise me yet again! Stay blessed, love!



  • Lord, as I wake up this morning, give me the wisdom and strength to guide my husband. I pray to you that he will acknowledge you in all things. I don’t know what he may face today but keep him safe. Help me be a good wife for him and share your love with him.


  • Good Morning Sweetheart, I hope you had a good night’s rest …


  • Lord, every day, I am so blessed to wake up next to my beautiful husband. For this Lord, I am truly thankful. I know that the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful man because our relationship is based on love, loyalty, and caring. Thank you, Lord, for giving me such a great husband.


  • Good morning, my darling husband. I pray that today you will receive the strength to face your day. I pray that you will come home safe this evening and hold me in your arms. I pray that you will lie by my side tonight and hold me again. I will always be with your side, even when the dark days arrive and there is no light in sight. And then, through it all, you will hold me ever so tightly and never let go.

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