Sweet I love You Endlessly Messages

I love you endlessly. Such simple words, but so powerful. The love and emotion which could be described by these words are multiple times more than the word “endlessly” itself. We all love to send our loved ones charming messages. We love to express our heartfelt emotions and feelings. If you want to impress your loved ones who are living on the other side of the world or very far away from you, then you can get these charming and beautiful I LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY MESSAGES  for them. These messages will let your beloved know that how important he/she is for you and how deep your love is for him/her. The I LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY messages are quite impressive for reading and they touch people’s hearts.


I love You Endlessly.


  • I love you endlessly and without end. Every moment spent with you is a memory I will cherish forever. My heart beats for you; my soul belongs to you; my life is yours. You are the sun that rises in the morning and the moon that shines at night. You are the stars in the sky and the birds in the trees. You are an endless stream of happiness and joy that fills my heart day after day.


  • I love you. I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember, and I will love you for as long as I live. You have the most magical smile and the most beautiful eyes that shine like stars. Everything about you intrigues me – the way you think, how you laugh, and how your touch burns my skin. Let me kiss your lips, let me hold your hand and let me fall asleep in your arms every night just to dream about us together every.


  • I have no words to express how much I love you. You are my world, and I would never ask for anything more than that. I am so lucky to have found you and cherish every moment we share!


  • I love you with all my heart, and I’m so glad that you became part of my life. You are such a fantastic person, and I’m glad to be your girlfriend. I am fortunate that you loved me as much as I love you! This past year has been full of joy and hope for me. Every moment we spend together, every laugh, every smile is cherished by me because I love you so much.


  • I love you; I always will. I know we are far away from each other. Yet in my heart is where you are. I shed tears for you every day, and yet I hold my breath because if one drop falls before I see you again, it will flow to the ground and disappear forever.


  • I love you more with each breath I take, yet I find it impossible to say the words you deserve. Everything about you amazes me, your smile, your eyes, your voice. The love of my life is also my best friend; sometimes, I just look at you and can’t believe you’re real.


  • I love you endlessly; I always have. I love the way you look at me… the way you kiss me and touch me…I love how we laugh together… I love the sound of your voice. I even love it when we fight… because I just get to hold you close and tell you that everything is fine… As we grow older… our love will only continue to grow stronger.


  • I love you more than words can describe. I want to hold you forever. I love you.


  • I love you so much. I don’t say it enough. I wish I could take all your pain away and make your life full of only joy. I would bring you coffee every day before work, chocolate, flowers and love. You are my little ray of sunshine that warms my cold heart at every chance. Every time we kiss, my heart beats a little faster, and with every passing minute, I fall more in love.


  • I love you endlessly! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make my world complete, and I just can’t seem to get enough of you.


  • You are my everything, the smile on my face, the tear in my eye, the beginning of a new day and the end of every argument. My love for you is so pure; sometimes, I wonder if it’s even real. You are amazing.


  • You are no longer just my girlfriend. You are the girl I plan to marry someday and create a family with. You are the girl that makes my heart go crazy when you walk into a room because I am so happy to see you. You are the most beautiful, wonderful, spectacular girl I have ever met, and I am lucky to be with you right now. You light up every day like a rainbow after a storm, and every time I think about our future, it makes me so happy.


  • I want you to know that these words are coming from my heart. I can’t stop thinking about you, and I love you immensely. You are the most incredible woman in my life, and I will never get enough of you. I love you, baby!


  • Those are the three words that I love to say to you. If there is anything else you want to hear when we are together, please let me know because I want to show all my love for you in every way possible. There is nothing that I would not do for you and with you, and my arms are yours to hold onto. My hands are yours to have, and my lips are yours to kiss. Whatever you want from me, I will give it freely with much love.”


  • I love you endlessly. I want two wake up every day for the rest of my life & tell you good morning.


  • You are my soul mate. I love you with every inch of my heart and more. There are no words that can ever express my love for you. My love for you is endless! I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you! Love always.


  • Hello, I will be in love with you. You are one of the best men in this world. You are a thoughtful and sweet man to me; I’m really happy that I met you.


  • Oh, my sweetheart, you take my breath away. I love to see you smile and to hear your laugh. You make me the happiest woman in the world. I can’t wait to spend eternity by your side. I love you more than words can say!


  • I love you more than my own life. I want to spend every second of every day with you. You make me feel like I am the luckiest man in the world. My heart would be broken if you weren’t in it.


  • I promise never to leave your side, and I hope you will do the same for me. I will never stop loving you no matter what. You are my entire world, and I am glad to have you in it. You bring so much joy into my life!


I love You Endlessly
I love You Endlessly


 I love You Endlessly to Her.


  • I love you because I need you. You are the last thought in my mind before I drift to sleep and the first thought when I awaken. You are always on my mind!


  • How can I describe the way you make me feel? I love you is too simple a phrase for what I want to say. Every day, you prove yourself to be the most amazing woman on earth. Your presence makes my life worth living. You are the most adoring, lovely, and gorgeous creature I have ever seen, and I never want to live another minute without your beautiful face in front of mine. I Love You more than anything on this earth, and I will always be here for you.


  • I love you so much, baby. Please spend the rest of your life with me. I know you are so special to me that I could never imagine being with another person. All my love, forever and ever!


  • I love you more than you could ever know! Thank you for loving me as much as I love you. Do have a Happy Day, baby!


  • You will always be the one I love, the one I live for; you are my everything. When I feel down, all I have to do is look at our pictures together, and you bring me so much joy. You are my soul mate, and there will never be anyone else for me.


  • I have nothing more to say; Thanks for reading this love letter. I hope that you would leave a big heart, a kind word, or a virtual hug. Also, hugs and kisses from me!


  • I always have and always will love you, and if my timing is ever off, I am sorry for ever misunderstanding the way you are. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You always take care of me when I need you the most, and your smile brightens up my whole world!


  • I love you with all my heart. Deep down in my soul, I know I am truly blessed to have someone like you in my life. I look into your sparkling eyes every day, and my heart melts with joy, knowing that the most wonderful woman in the world gave me a chance.


  • I love you. I love the way you look at me with those enchanting eyes of yours, I love the simple sound of your voice, I love the feeling of your skin on my fingertips, I love to hear about your day, and I most certainly love just being with you.


  • I love you from the deepest part of my soul. I love your heart and your eyes. I love that you love me too; I love that we are together forever. You make me so happy! I love you; I wish I could express my feelings better.


  • I know it’s early, but Happy Valentines Day, beautiful. I can’t stop thinking about us, what we have and how much I love you. Your messages tomorrow will be filled with kisses from me to you. Thinking of you always. I love you!



 I love You Endlessly to Him.


  • My love, you have changed me in so many ways. You are like no other person on this earth, and for that, I am genuinely grateful. You are the most beautiful person, inside and out. Thank you for coming into my life and making it complete. I love you with all my heart!”


  • I will never get over the love I feel for you or how you make me feel. You bring out something special in me. All I can do is love you and hope that you can see the same feeling my eyes have for you. I Love You!!


  • Yes, I know the moon has been gone for a few days, but that’s just to prove my point. I miss you, darling. It kills me every day not to be there with you. But don’t worry, when the sun comes up, I will be there with you again. You are my only love, my best friend, and my biggest support. When times got tough, you held me together, and when I’m sad, you make me laugh.


  • I have never been so in love with anyone before you. You mean more to me than anything. I come home from work, and my day is instantly better because of your beautiful smile and your arms around me. My days aren’t complete without hearing that little giggle of yours. I love you, baby, always and forever.


  • I love you! I can’t wait to watch the sunset with you tonight. There is nothing more I want to do than hold your hand.


  • You’re the one that makes me feel like I can be loved again. You put a smile on my face when I thought it was lost forever. You make me feel everything I never knew that I could. You are the reason my heart feels. The love I have for you is more than just a feeling; it’s a strong emotion. Every time I see your face, my knees go weak, and I fall head over heels again, over and over again.


  • Oh my god, I just want to scream it from the rooftops. I love you. My life had changed immensely from when we first met; everything is better and more beautiful. I can’t even remember what it’s like to be sad because you always put a smile on my face. You have changed me for the best, and I am so lucky to have you.


  • There is no way for me to tell you how much you mean to me or how deep my love is for you. I am so happy that we found each other and don’t want to spend another day without you. You are my soul mate, my better half, and my shoulder to cry on. Each day gets better and better because I have you! I love you with all my heart and then some more!!!


  • The truest definition of love is to endure the trials and tribulations that life brings to you, knowing all the while that it will be better in the end. With your love, I can make it through each day with a smile, contented and confident that our love will forever last. Thank you for loving me even when times are wrong and there is no end in sight. I love you.’


  • I look up at the stars and wonder where you are. I wait by phone and hope you’ll call. You are my obsession, my reason for everything I do. You’ve spoiled me for any other man; a life without you isn’t one worth living; it wouldn’t be right. You are the passion behind all my dreams, and each breath I take is a reminder that I love you.


  • I love you and care for you more than anything. I am so lucky to have you in my life, as you have made me the happiest girl. I want to spend my life with you! You are the one for me forever!


  • You make my life special. Every time I look into your eyes, I fall more in love with you. I promise always to do everything in my power to make sure you are happy. You have no idea how much I love and adore you!


  • I want to be with you all the time. I want to be the best friend and lover possible for you. I hope that one day we’ll get married and have a family together. I can’t wait to be your husband and become your best friend forever. Forever is an eternity, but I’ll love you till it ends.


  • There is no one in the world I would instead hold in my arms. You are so beautiful to me, inside and out. You have a heart that knows how to love. Without you, I am nothing. Thank you for always being there for me and believing in me when no one else would. I love you more than anything!



 I Love You Endlessly to Husband.


  • I love you endlessly, My Love. You are my heart, my life. I love you more with every beat of my heart and every breath I take. You are my soul mate, the one and only person that completes me. I cherish every moment spent with you because life is short, and tomorrow is never promised.


  • My love, well, where do I start? I know that you are tired of me saying, “I love you.” But can you ever hear it enough? My husband, I never thought that I would find someone like you. You are the air that I breathe and the life of my soul. The one who inspires me to spread positivity and the person who never fails to make me laugh. There is no doubt in my mind that I could spend eternity with you.


  • I’ve loved it before. I’ve walked away more times than I can count. We all have. No one is promised tomorrow, and that makes every day we have together so much more precious. I am with you today all because of a strong love for the past. You are the man I would do anything for; you are the reason I am still here. I will never leave you because to me; there is no place else to be but by your side loving you endlessly.”


  • I love you more with each passing minute. I can’t imagine a world without you; you are my dream come true. You are the one for me, and I will love you forever.


  • I will love you forever! I look forward to watching our life together fondly, and if I had to count the stars in this world to describe my love for you, well, there would be an extra one for you. You are my everything.


  • I love you, my baby. You mean the world to me and have given me more joy and happiness in the last moment than I have ever had before. Thank you for being the one I can count on, for being honest with me, and most of all, loving me unconditionally. I love you so very dearly!


  • You are the love of my life, more than I ever dreamed possible. I want to be with you forever and hold you in my arms every chance I get. Thank you for loving me as you do. You light up my life more than anyone.


  • I love you so much. Your the best thing that ever happened to me, and I want to continue sharing my life with you. You make me feel special, needed, appreciated and cherished. I appreciate the efforts you make to impress me and keep our relationship exciting and satisfying. I’m a very happy person because I have you in my life. You mean more to me than words could ever say.


  • My only love, I am happiest when I am with you. I love your smile, your laugh, and all that make you you. If the time ever does us apart, always know that my heart and love go with you wherever you go. You are my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me; I love you always, baby!


  • I want to be with you forever. I just can’t let you go. I swear there is nothing that will change this feeling for us. You mean the world to me. The way we look at each other, it’s like our eyes are saying, “you are everything in my life,” you’re my soul mate and my best friend. I just love you so much!


  • I love you so much, baby. I can’t even begin to express how much. You are indeed my soul mate, and I feel so lucky to spend my life with you. I know I don’t tell you enough, but that’s because I never want you to doubt my love – because it’s real. My heart is your home, and you can always come home to me when you need a second hand to hold.


  • I love you more than I can put into words. Since the moment I met you, I knew we were destined to be together forever. You are my best friend, my partner in crime, and my very reason for living. We have so many beautiful memories of our time together, making such beautiful moments I will cherish forever.


  • I can’t begin to say how much you mean to me. I know you think that I don’t notice you, but I see everything. The way you smile when my name is mentioned, the way your eyes light up when you see me, the sound of your laugh and the way your lips feel against mine in that first kiss every morning.



 I Love You Endlessly to Wife.


  • I love you more than words can say……..I love you more than there are stars in the sky………I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow……………and every minute for the rest of my life!


  • I love you and would never give up on you. I am here for you always. When the night is long, and your heart is heavy, come to me. I will hold you tightly in my arms; my love for you is endless. I promise always to support you and make your dreams come true!


  • I have loved you from the moment I laid my eyes on you. Not one day has passed that you are not in my mind and my heart. You come before anything else in my life because you are my number one priority. I never want to lose you, and I never will. I am so proud of the woman you have become. You are a beautiful mother and a wonderful wife. You always put me first and keep me happy. I hope our journey continues for many more years.


  • I love you so much that I can hardly express it. You are the best thing to ever happen to me, and you make me complete. I am so lucky that God granted me such a miracle as you. I will always love you.


  • I’m so in love with you and everything we have together. I don’t believe in fate, but if there is one thing I can thank it for, it’s bringing you into my life. You are perfect for me in every way, and I promise never to stop loving you. I don’t deserve you, but I don’t want to earn anyone else. There is no one else that even comes close to making me happy.


  • My love, I pray that wherever you are, you will be kept safe and away from harm. My heart is aching for you and all that you are going through. I want to be able to hold onto your hands and whisper in your ear that everything is going to be okay. My heart aches for you to come back into my arms.


  • I love you, baby. I am going to devote my life to your happiness. I want to be with you forever, and every day that passes, I fall more in love with you. Always, yours, baby.


  • I love you more than the sun loves the morning. I love you more than I love to breathe. I love you more with every heartbeat, and every breath that I take is another reason why. My heart will beat only for you until my last breath in this world.


  • My bae, my boo, my BFF, my best friend and most of all, my soul mate. I know we were brought together for a reason because I have never met anyone like you, so unique and kind. You put up with me, and you help change me into a better person. I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you. Now that you have passed my test, I feel so completely happy that our love is stronger than ever!


  • I cherish you in my arms when we embrace; I treasure the way that you look at me. I love your gorgeous face and the way that you smile so brightly. But no matter how many times I say these things out loud, nothing can describe my heart is feeling since the day that I found you.


  • Your love is the only one I want, the only one that will ever be. I will never let you go because your my angel of light, and I am in love with you! I will always cherish our love and live every day as if it was last because I want you to be here to hold me tight at whatever age we are.


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