Special Happy New Month Prayer Messages

Happy New Month Prayer Message: Today is the first day of a brand new month, and that means it’s time to celebrate. It is also very important to pray to God for help, guidance, protection of our loved ones, and of course the success we desire in our lives. There are a number of inspirational prayer messages you can send to your friends and family members during this month so that they know how much you love them. Here, you can get the prayers and messages for each day in the month which will assist you to begin living your life.


Happy New Month Prayer Messages

  • May the New Year bring more joy and prosperity into your life. Satisfaction and fulfillment be your lot in all places and at all times. May this year be one of the best you’ve ever had!


  • Prayer is important. And I can’t believe that I got that out of my head; I said it out loud!


  • I wish we could take a trip back to the moment when we first met. Stop time and relive how it felt the first time I saw you smile.. and Kiss you for the very first time! You haven’t changed a bit, still as beautiful as the day I met you ten years ago. It is true what they say. The best things in life are worth waiting for.


  • I’m so glad I met you. Every day is better than the last when I’m with you. You bring so much joy to my life, and I hope we never lose that for a second.


  • I remember the first time we met, and I was speechless with your beauty. Your smile lit up the room, and you had me captivated. From that moment on, everything has been right in my world. You are a gorgeous, lovely woman that I could fall for every second of every day. You bring joy to my life that only you can, and I can’t remember life without you by my side. I love you!


  • You make my heart skip a beat and leave me breathless every single day. I love how you always come through for me, no matter what. And most of all, I love your smile. I’m looking forward to many more years with you still by my side. You’re the greatest!


  • I love you more than I ever have, and I will always love you. You complete me in so many ways. I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend. I wish the best for you because it is all you deserve. You are amazing!


  • Sin is the greatest threat to our lives. But with God’s love, we can overcome it and live positively. May God bless us all with his grace and mercy in abundance so that we can enjoy life to the fullest. Happy New Month!


  • Happy New Month, Lord. May You be glorified in all our lives, and may Your words of wisdom be imprinted upon the hearts of all Believers.


  • I wish you a Happy New Month. Do not forget to accept the sweet blessings of Allah. Always Believe Allah is the only One to bring you true and perfect happiness. It is Allah who gives us blessings in this world for a happy life.


  • God, I pray that you would give me an understanding heart as I begin this month. I ask that you would send peace and tranquility to my family, friends, and loved ones. May each day be filled with endless joy, and may we live each day to the fullest!


  • I love you with all my heart. You are the most gentle, kind, and generous man I know. There are many ways to describe your admirable personality, but they would all be an understatement. I hope this month brings you endless joy because every day I see your face is a blessing. I love you!


  • I will send you some love today, I know it won’t be enough, but it’s the thought that counts. You are MISSED so much, and I will try to come and see you as fast as I can. I want to hold you in my arms again, feel your breath on my neck, kiss your forehead, and whisper how much I love you in your ear… I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU even in our next lives if such a thing exists!!! You are my heart.


  • You are the greatest gift God has blessed me with. I am so lucky to have you in my life! You bring an endless wave of joy that I just can’t stop smiling. I love you more every day!


new month prayer messages
new month prayer messages


Happy New Month Prayer Messages for Him

  • You are my whole world, my everything. You stole my heart, and I’m so glad you did. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I love you so much! Happy new month, my beautiful husband!


  • A prayer that I pray for you each day. Thanking the universe for bringing us together. I am so grateful to have an amazing man in my life. You are always there for me when I need you. Thank you for being my best friend, lover, and partner.


  • I have loved you from the beginning. You are my one and only, my soul mate. I pray every day that you continue to love me as much as I love you. Your love is worth fighting for. You are a blessing!


  • Hi! just to say I love you and want to stay with you forever. You are my sun living on this planet.


  • Hi honey! I can’t believe another year has gone by. It seems like just yesterday, I had your arms wrapped around me at the altar, professing your love for me. Every second with you is precious, and I make new memories throughout the night to last me into the new year. I am so glad you are in my life.


  • You say it best when you say nothing at all. Your silent strength always stands by me, your love is steady, unwavering, and you never fear the unknown. Your gentle spirit is like a soft breeze that dances but comes of age and poise. I will love you forever; you are my true north.


  • I’m still in awe at this. We have been together for almost eight years, and I am so lucky to have you as my partner in life. I love you more than words or songs could ever express, and the thought of not being with you makes me tear up. I love you till death do us apart!


  • We all need to pray…pray with thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for every tear you’ve cried in my arms, each laugh and giggle we share, and most of all, your undying love for me. May God let us both see many more new months together. I love you beyond words could ever express, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!


  • You are my rock and my soulmate. I’ve never felt like this before in my life; I can’t even describe it. You have lifted me and made me a better person. I am so lucky to have found you and so thankful that God put you back into my life. I love you infinity _


  • As more time passes, my love for you only grows. I loved you from the start, and now it’s as if the love I feel for you has no end. I can’t imagine my life without it. You are so special to me, and I am so in love with you. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and how I could ever love you anymore.


  • I am so thankful that I have you in my life. I pray that God blesses us with many more years of love together. I love you with all that I am!


  • I don’t care how long it takes; I will wait for you. I love you and only you. You are the other half of my heart that completes me. Never forget that I am here for you – no matter what happens. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you!



Happy New Month Prayer Messages for Her

  • I pray that your new month will bring you health, happiness, and all your heart’s desires. May God bless you in everything you do.


  • As you step into this new month, know that I will always love you! You are the greatest person I know, the best girlfriend anyone could ask for. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Thank you.


  • I want to give you my heart, my soul, every breath I take, and every step I take. You are the most beautiful thing in this world, and I just want to make you smile. Every day with you seems like a dream come true, a dream that I don’t ever want to wake from because it is so amazing.


  • Your love fills my heart with so much joy that it makes me laugh and cry simultaneously. You deserve the world, and I will do my best to give it to you. Thank you for choosing me; I love you!


  • I just wanted to let you know that I care for you deeply, and I love you very much. Stay beautiful, inside and out!


  • I don’t know what I would do without you. You are my best friend. The one who always encourages me to be a better person, a better daughter, a better sister… You bring me endless amounts of joy and happiness. I love your smile, your laugh; even when you’re feeling down, you still try to make everyone around you smile. I just want to be with you forever!


  • You are the love of my life. I love you more than anything in this world. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I can’t imagine what it would be like without you.


  • May this new month be a blessing for us, and may our love grow as strong as it is now.


  • The heavens will open up and God answers every prayer when I am at your side. My heart sings like a morning dove with gratitude for my perfect life with you. You are my everything, the most wonderful person I know. I love you so much and would never want to be anywhere else.


  • Every day I wake up with a smile on my face and think of you. You are my world, the person I love most in the world. You make me happy more than words could ever explain. God knew what he was doing when he placed you in my life. I am so happy we found each other!


  • I’ve been with you through the best and the worst times. We have shared so much together, so many memories. My love for you grows each day, and I never want to lose you. You are the light of my life.


  • My love for you is like the air I breathe. It sustains me, and it is abundant. You bring so much joy to my life, and it’s all because of your kindness and, especially, your love for me. I just can’t imagine going a day without hearing your voice calling me “sweetheart.” I love you so much!


  • Your love means the world to me. I love you, and that never changes or dims. I’m so lucky to have you by my side and cherish every day we spend together. You are an amazing person with a big heart, and I know your future is bright!


  • You are my heart, my soul, my everything. You bring me such joy. I love spending time with you, whether we are just walking around or going out on a date. I know that you are going to be the one I spend the rest of my life with.



Happy New Month Prayer Messages for Husband

  • Happy New Month, my darling husband. My prayer for you is that you brave through the stormy seas, and may God lead you to your destination. I trust in God and know that He will always be with us; henceforth, enlighten your heart with confidence and patience. Love you, my husband, for a better and prosperous month ahead. Happy New Month!!!


  • Happy New Month, dearest husband. I am so glad to have you in my life, as you are the epitome of love and care. You take care of me like a young child, and your warmth makes me fall for you every day. You are perfect in my eyes! Happy New Month, sweetheart!


  • May all the glory of the universe be channeled at you today and every day. I pray that you will have immense wealth, great health, lasting happiness, and prosperity. I love you so much, darling. Have a lovely month ahead.


  • I don’t know what I would do without you. You are my life, my love, my everything. I love you with all my heart; thank you for being in my life. You are the best man I have ever known, and I pray that both of us stay healthy, happy, and together forever.


  • My darling, I know the moon and stars shine more brightly than before because you were born. I thank God for blessing us with your love. You inspire me in every way, and I love you deeply. Your smile makes me melt, and your touch sets my soul on fire. I’m so lucky to be yours forever and ever.”


  • You are a blessing in my life. No matter what struggles we go through, I always end up thankful that I have you to share my life with. You have given me so much that I can never repay. You have made me into a better person, and for that, I will be forever grateful. You are the greatest love of my life, and I hope that we grow old together. I love you!


  • First of all, I want to thank you for loving me the way that only you can love. You are the best husband in the world, and you are my everything. I look forward to every day we spend together, and you never cease to amaze me with your love and devotion for me. We will never be apart because our love is strong enough to make anything work. Thank you for being an incredible man!


  • Happy new month, my love! I can’t believe it’s already March. We are just getting started, and I look forward to every second of the year with you. I love you more than words could ever express.


  • I believe in fairy tales. The kind where the girl gets her prince and they live happily ever after. It sounds cheesy, but I never thought it could happen to me until I met you. You swept your way into my heart, and I will never be able to thank you enough for choosing me. My love for you is growing every day, and I promise to love you until the end of time. New month, new year, same old us! -Love, You’re Beloved.


  • Dear husband, You are an incredible man. I appreciate your love and kindness through this journey of life. Each day I’m thankful I chose you out of all the others. Thanks for sharing your whole self with me. May you always be blessed in all that you do. Thank you for everything you are and all that you do!


  • You are the man of my dreams, my soul mate, and my best friend. I love how you show me how much you care just by being there. You mean so much to me, and I know we will face it together whatever happens in our lives. I do not doubt in my mind that we are forever because we were meant to be. This New Year, I wish for your happiness more than anything. May it come true, but only if you let it come from being with me.


  • February… you’ve been upon us for a few days, and I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to have you by my side. We’ve come so far since last year, and we have made so many memories! I love spending time with you and hope that never changes. You are the love of my life, the one who holds my heart in your hands. You are such a blessing to me. You make me want to be a better person because of all love.


  • I can’t imagine my life without you, it’s miserable, and I know I will do everything to make it right. You are a blessing I was never expecting, and every day with you is the best day of my life. I will do anything for you, my love, because you are worth it’s all. One day our kids will read this, and they will cry tears of happiness that a wonderful man like their dad exists.


  • Your love makes me complete. I never knew it was possible to feel this way. All I know now is that I will love you forever and ever. Thanks for bringing me joy beyond measure and my every single desire! All my thanks to God!



Happy New Month Prayer Messages for Wife

  • Happy New Month, my love; many blessings await you this month. May all your dreams and aspirations are fulfilled, may you find joy in every circumstance that is given to you, most of all, may you receive peace from the one who gives such great peace. I am grateful to God for bringing us together, and his love for you and me humbles me. Your love is a cherished gift in my life, and I wish to surround myself with your joy.


  • Happy New Month, my love; I’ll be praying that you continue to be the greatest blessing in my life.


  • Happy new month, darling. May you have a blessed month, and may God grant you all the wishes in the world. I am so lucky to call you my wife; with each passing day, every month, year after year, I love you even more. You make me a better man. I thank God for you and hope that we will stay together forever.


  • I pray that God will bless you and the family. I pray that this new month is filled with joy, happiness, and blessings. I pray that you find more success in your career and that your health stays at a significant level. I pray that we stay united and get stronger in our faith every day. I love you, and may God’s will be done in our lives!


  • There is no one else in the world like you! Thank you for sharing your love with me. I hope every day of this new month will be full of love and happiness. I count my blessings each day that I have you.


  • Happy new month, my love! You are amazing, and I really hope we have another year of unbelievable laughter, love, and happiness.


  • Wow, it’s already March, and it is going by so fast. The year has gone so quickly, and I can’t believe it’s almost out. Before you know it, we will have another year under our belt, another successful year. Every month I am so happy when I see your face, and I’m even more glad to have you in my life. Every day I am so impressed by the amazing man you are. You are hard-working, honest, and care about everyone around you.


  • It is that beautiful time of year again. I hope all the special problems in your life will find a short-term solution and perfect permanent solutions to your problems. Happy new month, my love!


  • Your compassion is astonishing, and your love for me is truly unique. I have so much to be thankful for. You are my best friend and the love of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. You are a blessing that came into my life at just the right moment. I will never forget the first time I saw you in that elevator. It was magic how we looked into the eyes of each other and knew; I was in love!


  • Blessed are you, Lord our God and God of our parents, God of Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah. True God who sees my tears and knows the anguish in my heart. You see that I am lonely for a wife. Grant me this request made in faith– amen.



  • I love you more than there are words in any language. You are the most fantastic person I’ve ever met, and your love makes me smile whenever I think of you. I am so lucky to have you!


  • I don’t know how or when it happened, but I am so in love with you. I think about you almost constantly and can’t imagine my life without you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!


  • From the first day we met, I knew there was something special about you. I’m so glad we decided not to part ways, because in all honesty, without you, my life wouldn’t be complete. You did so much to make me feel loved, and I truly do love you more than anything else.


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