Sweet Happy Birthday Letter to Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Letter to Girlfriend
Happy Birthday Letter to Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Letter to Girlfriend: Are you looking for the best happy birthday letter to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Here we have compiled some beautiful happy birthday letters to your boyfriend or girlfriend on the day of their birthday. Just look below and check all the letters you like to send to him or her:

Happy Birthday Letter to Girlfriend


  • My darling and beautiful girlfriend, a belated yet priceless birthday message for you. I didn’t do a lot for your big birthday, but here’s just something simple to express my love to you.


  • Happy Birthday, Dear, As you celebrate your birthday today, I wish you the best of happiness and love. You mean everything to me, and I hope to be with you forever. Love you!


  • Today, I am going to tell you a tale about real happiness. As we all know, it is hard to find someone who cares for us and loves us as much as you. Your presence makes life worthwhile and beautiful. You are my best friend and my soul mate. Happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday, my love! Today is the day I want to show you just how much I care about you. You mean so much to me that I cannot put it into words. All my love!!


  • Dear beloved friend, you have understood my feelings and given me a loving, patient, and happy life. You have also made me believe that true love exists. I owe this to you only. I have been waiting for the day when we could be united as one and take our relationship to the next level. The day is finally here. Thanks for all that you have done for me.


  • Happy birthday, darling. Words aren’t enough to express how I feel right now. This day is as special as you are to me. It is one day when the whole world rejoices with you and wishes you a forever-lasting love that shall soon bring us closer and closer. I want to be with you all my life, and there is no life without the other. So wish you a pleased birthday.


  • You are a gem. Your company is a delight to me, and ever since we have started dating, my life has become more colorful and joyful. I cannot possibly thank you enough for the love you have showered on me, but please accept this card as an expression of my gratitude.


  • You have been a blessing in my life, and I can’t imagine how my life would have been without you. This is for you, my one, only, and beloved girlfriend. Happy birthday and thank you for all the love.


  • I wish you a pleased birthday! There have been many birthdays to come till the day I married you. Every year there is a special day for us to remind us how we fell in love and met. Love is always in my heart and only with U. Happy Birthday.


  • My dearest Shaneee, today is the perfect day to tell you how much I love you. And how thankful I am to have found you. You have been one of the best things that have ever happened to me. And for that, I am forever indebted. You are very special to me, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate your birthday anniversary than with a cake and poured hearts of admiration, love, and passion, my darling.


  • My dear girlfriend, Let me confess that you are everything to me. You have brought so many beautiful things into my life, and for that, I am grateful. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend ever!


Cute Happy Birthday Letter For Her

  • A lot of persons at some point in life have asked themselves what true love is? My answer is that I found out when I fell in love with the beautiful person you are. Thank God for blessing me with such a beautiful girlfriend who fills my life with joy and happiness every day. I pray that we will be together for many years to come as a perfect couple. Happy birthday to you! Happiness and love; the two things most important to me! And both from YOU.


  • Dear my love, you are a fantastic friend and companion. You have given me much more than I could ever have asked for. Today is your day, and I wish you happiness, joy, and all that makes life beautiful. May we have a lifetime full of laughter and love!


  • Happy birthday my love. Since I met you, I have been more comfortable than I have ever been in my life. I love you, and I want to be with you forever.


  • Happy birthday, dear ____. As we meet on this special day, I must confess something to you. You are the greatest gift I have ever received in my life. You had brought joy and happiness into my world when it was dull and empty before. Thank you for being there for me with love and care during these past few years of dual life. I appreciate you for making me feel safe and secure in facing any challenges ahead of us. You bring a smile to my face every time.


  • Dear love, I am here to tell you that you are the love of my life. You are the reason why I smile in the morning and go to sleep at night. If there had been no you in my life, it would have been tough to survive in this cruel world. You are the reason why I love Mondays and Sundays. The most beautiful thing about a birthday is sharing it with someone special like you. It is also great when we pray together during candle lighting—having you.


  • I am thankful to have had this wonderful feeling of love in my heart and to be with someone as wonderful as you are. You make me feel hopeful each day and happy to see the sunshine or even the rain, and you motivate me to do more than I can think. From my heart to your heart, I wish you a pleased birthday!


  • I want you to know that I appreciate the love and affection you have showered on me. You have a perfect heart and an undying zeal to help the needy. Being with you is a constant reminder to keep a smile on my face, no matter what, because life is beautiful. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are!


  • In life’s journey, many people lack unity among themself and cannot love. Some pretend to be happy with fake smiles, others hurt each other just for pleasure… but you have chosen a different path, friend. You have always been my best friend, and I am proud to be one of yours. Today is your birthday, and I wish you happiness, joy, and love like never before. Enjoy your day!


  • Sweetheart, you are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me! I am happier than I have ever been in my life, knowing there is someone like you by my side. On this special day, I want you to know how much you mean to me. I hope your birthday is as special as it’s going to be with you, my love. Stay blessed always.


  • My darling girl, I want to wish you a pleased birthday. You have filled my heart with love, made my dreams come true, and made life worth living. You know I am eternally grateful for your presence in my life. All my love!


  • Happy birthday, sweetheart. I wish I could stay with you all day, eating good food, walking around the park holding hands, and watching a beautiful sunset. But for now, I’ll stick to writing these few words to you. I hope today brings you joy and happiness​. After all, it is your day. I love every moment we share, and every feeling created inside me by just ​being close to you. I never want this feeling to fade away. Happy birthday!


  • On this special day, I wish you a pleased birthday! Every time you are with me, it feels like we are the only two people left in the world. I want to say that I love you and to tell you that my life has been so much easier since we have met. You are my soulmate, and I am glad to call you my girlfriend. May your birthday be as joyful as your company!


  • My girlfriend and I had a beautiful relationship. She was my everything. Despite us being in different countries, I never felt alone because she was always on my mind. I feel so loved and blessed that you have complete trust in me. Happy birthday to you! I wish you joy, health, success, and love!


  • These small words may not be enough to express the joy you bring to my life every day. I feel so lucky to have you in my life, and no one could ever take your place. I want to wish you a happy birthday and tell you how much I love you.


Happy Birthday Letter To My Boyfriend

  • Your special day is upon us. Time passes, and we change, but you remain the same always. The things that I know about you are the ones that make you stand out from the crowd. Your heart beats for unity. Your mind thinks of romance, love, and happiness. To me, you are one step ahead of a real hero! Take this message as a gift from my side and celebrate with joy in your heart.


  • My dear, the one I love. You are everything to me, and my life revolves around you. ~ Longing for you is what keeps me going every day! I know, despite a few problems we’ve had in the past, we have always managed to get back together because that’s what destiny has wanted us to achieve for being true lovers. On this special day, I want to be with you. I am sending you all my love! With all my heart! Happy birthday, darling.


  • My dear, I would like to thank you for being in my life. You have made the experience of being alive much more meaningful and worth remembering. You are my one-and-only childhood sweetheart, and I love you dearly. LLet’smake today memorable and enjoy the day like no other! I Wish you a pleased birthday!


  • My love, I can’t wait to reach your milestone birthday. I want you to know that you have made me a completely different person — the best just like we wanted to be. With you, it feels so good even when it is bad! – You keep me happy even during the gloomy days…all thanks to you. This birthday should be an occasion for rejoicing for all your efforts and sacrifices. I love you so much….happy birthday!


  • My love, before you, I was walking on a lonely road. You came along like a gentle breeze and swept me away. May your day be filled with smiles and laughter, and may you always receive the best that life has to offer. May your birthday be the best one ever.


  • There are no words to express my happiness on the day you were born, my love. I am glad we are blessed with each other and for the responsibilities life has given us. There is no limit to your awesomeness; wishing you a pleased birthday!


  • How can I thank you for bringing new life and energy to my world? I have thought long and hard about it, and the words still seem inadequate. Your presence in my life has taught me a hundred new ways to love and to be loved. I wish you a pleased birthday!


  • Your love has made me what I am today. All through my life, you have been by my side. You always taught me the meaning of unity and strength in our love. You are my only love, and I know that together you and I will conquer any problem that stands before us. I just wish you all the happiness, joy, laughter, and everything you desire on your birthday.


  • Your eyes sparkle, your heart beats slowly and gently, kindness fills the world day and night. You are my favorite happiness, the light of my life, sweetest love, simple words; you have taught me to forget everything else. Happy birthday my prince!


  • My dear boyfriend, I want you to know that I love you so deeply, and I am aware of who you are. Your presence is what brings happiness to my life, and it also gives me strength every day. I respect your opinion, and I value your strength. You hold the key to my heart, and you will always be there whenever I need love, care, and support. It is with great pleasure that I wish you a pleased birthday!


  • My darling, so far here II’mon the other side of the world with my thoughts connected to you. And so, my dear husband, I want you to know that today is not only your birthday but, more importantly, a day we celebrate love and all the joys it brings. I embrace you in a tight hug and send you this special message, may all these stories last forever, may all our joys, pains, and pains are collected in one place; may time stand still when we’re together.


  • On your birthday, I want you to know that we are united, even when apart. You have made my life so magical, and I am grateful for all of the love you have given me. I treasure the time we share and wish to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy Birthday!


  • Happy birthday to the man of my dreams. You are everything to me, and our love cannot be explained. There are many beautiful gifts you can give me on my birthday, but what I want most is you! I love you, forever and always.


  • Babe, you are my life. So many times, I felt the world is against me. You come along and shower me with love every single day. I will always treasure the time we have spent together and cherish the special memories we share. Thanks for giving me your all – your time, your affection, and most importantly, your heart. Happy birthday dear!


Cute Happy Birthday Letter For Him


  • On your birthday, I want to tell you to have a fab day. Your love has given me happiness and has made my dreams come true. I will continue loving you for the rest of my life with all the devotion and loyalty I have for you.


  • On this day of celebration, my dearest boyfriend wants you to know how much I love you. You have captured my heart and mind with all your countless acts of kindness. Even though we are worlds apart, I feel closer to you than ever. I pray that our relationship will continue to flourish and stand the test of time. Most importantly, I want you to know that my love for you will never change, no matter what happens in the future! Happy birthday! May God bless.


  • Darling, I want to make you feel special today. You are my only and nobody will come between us! Enjoy this beautiful day, and know that you have made me the happiest woman in the world. I love you, always!


  • Life as we know it always comes with challenges. We try to make the best of what we have and hope that things would get better as time goes on. Today, I wish to thank you for all the good that you have brought into my life. TThere’salways happiness when we’re together. What’s store for the future, only time can tell. But one thing is sure, both of us will walk this path together hand-in-hand and share the same dreams.


  • It is not that I found the love of my life, but you came into my life and changed me. Thanks to this day, I am a happier person, and the love story I will be writing will be one of the most beautiful ever told. Thank you for being by my side and making my life worth living, and it is all because of your presence in it.


  • John, thank you for standing by me. You have been my only source of happiness and love in a world where my smile is frowned upon. I will always cherish the relationship that we share. Today, I want to go back in time… just to relive all the good times we had together. Happy birthday!


  • My dear, the best boyfriend in the world, I’ve met you all my life. Have we ever fought? No. So I’m thanking my lucky stars that even at this age when I look to find someone who truly loves me, I see you as my boyfriend.


  • Today, I want to wish you the happiest birthday ever! This is a day to take it easy, remember all that we have done together, and be grateful for your growing love. I hope this card will not only bring a smile to your face but will touch your heart. You are the best boyfriend ever, and I will always cherish every moment we shared in our lives. Thank you for making my dreams come true!


  • My dear boyfriend, you are the most amazing guy I know! You are the only one who can make my heart smile just by smiling. You are one of those people whose presence in a room brings joy to everyone. Today is your special day, and I would like to wish you all the love, joy, blissfulness, and happiness in the world.


  • With all my heart, I wish you the happiest birthday ever! I like to believe that you are here on this earth for me, or we were drawn in by the enchantment of destiny. So, on your special day, all I want to wish you is a lifetime of happiness and love. You mean the world to me, and I hope that we will always be united like never before. Happy birthday!


  • My dear, most amazing boyfriend in the world! Today is your birthday, and I am so excited to celebrate it with you. I wish we could have a dinner date! But I have to be with mom. SShe’snot feeling well again, but she insisted that we celebrate your birthday together.


  • I love you so much, my darling. No matter how old I get, that special place will always be reserved for you in my heart. You mean everything to me. I will always treasure our moments together as you have given me the best of times. Happy Birthday!


  • Hey! Sweetie, I was thinking about you today as the sun rose from behind the clouds and shone through my window. A smile appeared on my face when I remember the many times we have shared. You have made life worth living and always give me hope. May God bless your birthday with happiness and joy.


  • My dearest boyfriend, thank you for coming into my life. You have brought me peace, love, and a sense of belonging in this big world. I appreciate your thoughtful gestures and the little things you do to show your love. I hope we continue to walk together into the future because we are meant to live our lives together. From one end of the world to the other, I wish you all the happiness in the world on this important day.


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