Best Good Night My Dear Text Messages

Good Night My Dear: Good night my dear SMS, text messages for her or him to impress your partner. text your love at night in a good way to wish him/her sweet dreams. Just send a lovely text message to your girlfriend or boyfriend and remind them of the most beautiful feeling that we can get here on earth: LOVE!  Hi darling, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you before going to sleep, and how much I miss you… Here are some good night messages for my love to make him/her feel special…  

 To My Love

Good Night My Dear


  • Good night my dear. I hope you have a pleasant dream tonight. I wish I could be there to hold you tight and whisper in your ear and kiss you good night. I love you so much.


  • Good night is not said to special persons. It’s said to a person who was special in the day and a sweet black angel. Good night my sweetheart.


  • Good night my dear friend. I pray that your dreams are all good ones. May God protect you until morning. I love you and miss you so much!


  • You are so dear to me, dear sweetheart of mine, the love of my life. When I see you sleeping, it brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Good night


  • Oh my god! My love for you is real, but I don’t know what to say that can express my feelings. You mean the world to me, and your love has taught me everything – how to be happy, loving, and caring not just for myself but also for those closest to me. Good night, sweetheart.


  • I can’t wait for the next time I can see you and be in your arms. Good night my love.


  • It is said that sleeping with a picture of someone near you will make that person come to you in your dreams, and I am going to try it out tonight. I love you


  • The moon is out from a cloud, and I have no fear. You are here, my dearest dear. I hold you near and press you tight. Goodnight, my love!


  • I love you so much! You mean the world to me. You are my everything! I can’t wait to spend forever with you. Goodnight, my dear.


  • You are my queen, and You are my heart. You are my EVERYTHING. Good night my baby, Sweet dreams, my love. You are my dream, my hope, my everything, and you are my love. You are the love of my life. Sleep well, dear.


  • Good night. It was nice to dream of you. Keep on loving me. I can’t wait to see you again.


  • You make me laugh, smile, and want to spend every waking moment with you. You make my heart go pitter-patter, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds for us. I can only hope that we will always be together. Good night my love. Rest well and dream of our future.


  • I am lying on the bed tonight to say a good night text message to you. I wanted to wish you good night, my love. I want to thank you for being by my side today and for making me feel special in your life. Good night and have sweet dreams, honey! Good night my dear


  • Your dreams are like stars in the sky tonight, and they are bound to come true as long as there is someone who believes in them.


  • Good night my love. I miss you badly… I will be there to hug you tight cause you are my world…


  • I can’t sleep. All I do is lie awake and think of you. I wonder how did I meet you? And why do I love you so much? You are my one and only. The world revolves around you. Goodnight and sweet dreams. Love!


  • I wish you had a plane ticket so you could come and sit on my loveseat with me. I long to hold your hand and kiss you passionately. Good night, see you in my dreams!


  • I dream about your kisses, and while they may not be real, it makes me feel so safe, and I think of our future together. I miss you and can’t wait to find my lips on yours once again.


  Good Night My Dear Wife

  • You are the reason why I sleep peacefully. You are my dreams at night and my desire by day. You are no doubt the love of my life, and I always promise to treasure you: Goodnight, my dear wife. Have a beautiful dream.


  • I have always admired the night sky with its glittering stars. I am in love with the moon, for it symbolizes creation, femininity, and beauty. I await the morning when we meet again, my dear wife! Good Night!


  • I long to be with you, my darling, and share my good night message with you. I want to be with you forever, my love.


  • You are always on my mind. You are my sweetest dream come true, my lovely wife. I cannot wait to see you again and give you a hug and kiss…goodnight, my love!


  • I hope you sleep like a baby tonight. I know I will be thinking of you until the morning comes. I love you and miss you so much!


  • This is a reply to your message: I love you, honey. Good Night!


  • I don’t know what it is about you that makes me feel connected, but I can’t get enough of it. I see the love in your eyes when you look at me, and it pulls me to you like a magnet. Being with you makes every day an hour better than I could have ever imagined. Even though we are miles apart, you are always in my heart. Good night my love.


  • I love you. I am sending good night wishes to my sweet wife to have a good sleep and dream good dreams. My dear, I miss you and can’t wait to be with you again! I love you!


  • Looking at the moon reminds me of you. It’s because you are my shining star. I know I’m going to miss you before I sleep and while I am in my dream. Before your beauty went away, I want to wish you a good night and a sweet dream…


  • Now that the day is over and night has taken over, I just wanted to say good night to my love. I hope you have a sweet sleep with dreams full of us together. I love you.


  • Your love is the sweetest feeling; It comes from above. I love you. Good night.


  • My love, my life. You mean everything to me. I’m so lucky to have you in my life, and I will always cherish our special love. Thank you for allowing me to love you. I pray that you will have a fantastic night filled with sweet dreams. I love you so much and will see you in the morning.


  • I know you’re tired. I’m tired too. We have worked hard today, but tomorrow is another day, and we’ll be able to face it together. So go to bed tonight, my love: rest well and sleep tight, and I will do the same.


  • As you lay your head on your pillow tonight, I want you to know how much I love and adore you. Be it rough times and good times, we’ve been together, through thick and thin. You are the love of my life, and without you by my side, life would not be the same. I can’t wait to marry you!


  • The sun has settled, the sky shines in the darkness…I wish a sweet and lovely night to my dearest wife… romantic good night. Good night msg for sweetheart. good night wishes SMS


  • I send good night SMS to my wife. I am a busy person, and if something goes wrong in my office, I can send good night SMS free of cost from my mobile cell. And this helps my wife and me to keep fellowship and love. She is a very young and beautiful girl, even without makeup she looks very beautiful. I love her very much.


  • Goodnight, my dear wife. I am looking forward to your hugs and kisses tomorrow. I hope you dream about me every time your eyes close. A good night is not complete without receiving a hug from the love of your life. Goodnight, my dear wife!


  • Good Night BABY. I am falling asleep with a prayer for you tonight, my sweet husband. I pray that God will give you a good and peaceful sleep and fill your dreams with love, hope, peace, light, and everything good. May you wake tomorrow with a smile on your face looking forward to another day of life!


  • I love you, and you’re my darling wife. I know you are far from me, but I hope we can meet soon. Goodnight, dear.


  • You are the love of my life; I am blessed because God brought you to me. You are my angel, and I am your guardian. Good night, angel mine, sleep well, my amazing love.


  • My love, the night is dark, and silence surrounds us. I want to tell you I am a fortunate man. Not only because of your love but also because of our babe and for having you in my life. No day goes by without me thanking God for bringing you into my life.


  Good Night My Dear Girlfriend

  • I always pray to the Lord to protect you and lead you on the right path. I will always love you. Have a sweet dream. Good night my dear girlfriend.


  • I am missing your voice, and I am missing your touch. I am missing you in my arms, which is the closest to the heaven I ever want to be. Sleep tight. May angels come to give you a sweet dream. Good night my love.


  • Goodnight, my dear. I wish you pleasant dreams and sweet memories about us. I always love you. Good night, my choice.


  • I can’t wait to fall asleep with you in my arms. Maybe we will dream together… perhaps we will meet in the middle of an unforgettable kiss. Just know that I will always be thinking of you and that my heart will be right there, next to yours – ready to beat with your rhythm, skipping a beat for every thought about your smile, your eyes, your voice, or your laugh. Good night my love.


  • Dear sweetheart, as I prepare for bed tonight, my only thought is of you. I wish that you were here with me now so I could hold you in my arms. I hope you had a wonderful day today and that the rest of your evening will be peaceful and restful. Be sure to take care as you go on your way tomorrow. Remember to get plenty of rest and try not to let any worries or troubles keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.


  • Hello, my life, my love, and my all. You are the most beautiful and special girl I have ever seen. I am so glad that you are in my life. Your eyes brighten up my days, your laugh warms me up when I am feeling cold, your smile always makes me happy, and with a loving hug, you make me feel safe and secure. Thank you, dear, for everything, my love. I hope you have a good night tonight. Sleep tight!


  • You are my sunshine. You bring new meaning to my life! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and I’m so glad God chose me to be your man. Good night my sweetheart. I hope you have sweet dreams about me. I love you!!


  • Good night my dear girlfriend. I hope you had a wonderful day and that you will dream of me tonight. I love you so much, and I can’t wait until I can finally hold you in my arms again. Good night!


  • I’m lying in bed thinking about how lucky I am to have a girlfriend like you. You make me feel so loved and special. Every day I look forward to coming home to your smiling face and warm embrace. You are the love of my life. Good night and sweet dreams!


  • You’re my forever love. Goodnight, my dear, sweetheart Stephanie. Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.


  • Every night is the same, and I miss you so much. I wish that I could hold you in my arms right now and never let go. You are just on my mind so much. I hope you know how much I love you and care for you. You’re the light of my life!


  • You know that even though we’re far apart. I can be talking or thinking of you, and I always kiss your eyes good night every day because that’s how much I miss you, love.


  • Always know that you are the woman of my dreams and my everything! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Good night my love.


  • Good night to my best friend, my partner, my confidante, and (most importantly) the love of my life. The first time I saw you, my heart skipped a beat. Maybe that’s just because you broke it yourself, but either way, you still own it.

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