Good Morning Prayers for Lovers to Stay Happy

Good Morning Prayers for Lovers: How often do you find yourself waking up in the morning and not sending a good morning prayer message to your lover? You may end up being busy during the day and forget about it, but these prayers would still be on your mind. So before you go to bed tonight, set a reminder or write a note somewhere so you’ll remember to wish your lover a sweet good morning when they wake up tomorrow morning.


Good Morning Prayers for Lovers


  • I sent you a morning prayer off into the universe with only my love in mind. My wish for you is to have an amazing day today with happiness, contentment, and love. When I picture you alone in bed this morning, I wonder if you’re thinking of me… and if so, what exactly are you thinking?


  • Good morning my love! I hope you slept well; I missed you so much. If you feel like it takes a min to think of me and how much you mean to me. ___


  • Good morning my love. I hope you had a nice night’s rest! I thought about you all day long. I love you.


  • Every time I wake up next to you, I thank God for bringing you into my life. Every moment with you is truly a blessing, and my wish is that we will always be together.


  • Good morning, my love. It’s early, and for once, I can be the first to wish you a good morning because I’m lying next to you sleeping soundly. I hope you had a wonderful dream last night. Call me later and tell me all about it.


  • Good morning. I love you. My dreams are filled with you, and now that I’m awake, all I want to do is kiss you and hold you tight. I can’t wait to be by your side all day. Share a few laughs and maybe go out for a bite to eat. Let’s enjoy the day knowing no matter what, we’ll always have tonight. More than anything, I love you more each day.


  • Good morning my love; I hope you slept well. I wish that I could be waking up next to you right now, but unfortunately, we are apart. I am thinking about you and wishing for your warm arms to wrap around me while we drift off to sleep. I love you sweetheart, have a great day!


  • Good morning, my love. Before I start my day, I take a moment to wish for good things only. May we have a great day together? May you realize your dreams and believe in them enough to make them real. I want this day to be filled with joy and love, and for that reason, I will tell you again how much I love you and how grateful I am to have found you.


  • Good morning my love. May you have a blessed day… May the sun shine warmly upon your face, and the winds blow gently through your hair… May your heart be filled with love and blessings for all that you hold dear… And may you find joy in everything that you do…


  • Good morning my dear; I hope you are having a great day. I have thought about you all night and have been looking forward to seeing you this morning. I just wanted you to know that I love you so much, and I’m counting the hours until we see each other again. You are always in my thoughts, honey.


  • I have never known a love like this before. You make me weak in the knees and give me goosebumps. I would love to stare at you forever but don’t want to gaze into your eyes because I would get lost for an eternity and wouldn’t want to return. I can’t wait to spend my life with you. Our laughter brings happiness and joy to everyone around us. I love you so much, baby.


  • Good morning my love. I know I am early, but I just couldn’t sleep without saying good morning to the most wonderful man in the world!!! My day starts so much more light and happy when we talk early! I never knew that it could be like this to look forward to waking up next to you. You make this life so much better and happier! Good morning!!


  • Our time together is precious; cherish every moment. Your smile lights up my day as bright as the sun in the sky, brings a warm embrace that warms the soul, and fills the heart with joy. We are meant to be together and forever will be.


  • Good morning my love; I hope your beautiful green eyes are shining bright! Good morning to the man I’m falling more and more in love with every day. Good morning to the only person who can make my heart skip a beat.


  • Good morning my love. I hope you slept well and dreamed of me! I love you so very much. Have a wonderful day, my darling, and know that you are my one true love, and I’m blessed to have found you!


  • I get up every morning and think about you before I start my day. As the day goes on, your memory is the only thing on my mind. When I go to bed, I want to fall asleep thinking of you, knowing that in your thoughts, we’re still together in spirit. Even when I sleep, we share a consciousness. I look forward to waking up and holding you. I love you, my sweetheart, and always will.


Good Morning Prayers for Lovers
Good Morning Prayers for Lovers


Good Morning Prayers for Lovers to Him

  • Good morning my love; someone up there must be crazy because I still can’t believe you are mine. I thought that fairy tales were just stories created to give us a fantasy… I was wrong.. we are living a dream come true. As I close my eyes and go on another adventure in our dreams, I know that even when you’re not here with me… my heart is always safe and sound in your arms… the safest place in the world.


  • Good morning my love… this reminds me that I enjoy waking up with you every morning. I just hope I made you feel like the king of the world, even though we both know you are. It’s amazing how life works out sometimes; being with you is a dream come true. I love you so much!


  • Good morning; I hope that you have had a restful night. Open your eyes and smile because I am thinking about you now. I love how well we fit together, the way you hold me, and the scent of your skin. Every time that I look into your eyes, it’s like the first time all over again.


  • I love you, not only for what you are but also for what I am with you.


  • Your love is like a wave that gently washes over me. I feel safe and loved in your arms. I will always be yours. Good Morning Darling!


  • Good morning, my love. I wish that you knew how much I love you because even angels’ wings cannot explain my feelings for you. You are the reason why I smile and the light to my dark world. You bring out the best in me and see to it that your presence is always felt. I would like nothing more than to spend each day with you by my side and in your arms.


  • Good morning my love. I hope you’re enjoying your day off because I certainly am. Today is a beautiful one, and I woke up full of love thinking about you. Today was the day that we first met, and the moment still makes me smile. It is special because it changed my life in so many ways. You were my best friend, love, confidant, and supporter on your very first day. Thank you for being the amazing man that you are! You are in every way.


  • Good morning my love. I wish nothing more than to be able to hold you while I whisper those three magical words into your ear. I love you.


  • Every morning when I wake up before my feet even hit the floor, I say a little prayer.


  • Good morning to my baby Boo. I hope you had a great night, and I can’t wait to see you later today. I pray that this day will be awesome, and I pray that you know how much I love and adore you. I will think of you all day long, sweetie, and I can’t wait till later tonight when it is time for me to cuddle with the man I love.


  • Good morning my love. I wish I woke up every morning in your arms. Your warmth is soothing, and there’s no place I’d rather be. You are the best gift God has given me; you make me more whole every day. Your kindness and love go beyond words. I am so lucky to have found you and hope to spend the rest of my life with you as my one true love.


  • Good morning, dear! A day spent with you is what I pray for every day. No matter how many hours we are apart, we are never far from each other’s thoughts. You are always on my mind and in my heart – the place where you will always reside.


  • Good morning my love; the day is beautiful and bright because you are in it. I am thinking of you and hoping the sun shines just for you. I wish you a good day, filled with joy and happiness, as that is all I can think about today. You can see I am crazy about you, so much in fact that I reference my love for you just about anywhere!


  • Good morning, my love, how I miss you. I wish you were here with me now.”


  • Good morning sweetheart. I hope you are well-rested and ready to start the day. I can’t go past another morning without telling you how much joy your smile brings me. You are the most beautiful creature in this world to me, inside and out, smart and sexy. If only everyone knew just how wonderful a person you are if they had any idea what an amazing soul resides within your body. No one knows how lucky I feel every time I look into those big eyes.


  • I’m knocking on your door; it’s morning time. May I have a cup of coffee with you? Let me try to put my arms around you, to take your heart in mine. To give our hearts the greatest love they are ever known. The love that will live forever.



Good Morning Prayers for Lovers to Her

  • Good morning, my love. I woke up with thoughts of you dancing in my head and the feeling of you in my heart. How often I have been told about the power of love! Love is a magical feeling one can’t find anywhere else. You are everything to me. I am happy that we found each other.


  • I whisper good morning when I wake you up. It’s never too early to say I love you and that you are the center of my world.


  • Good morning my baby. I am so happy; every time I see you, I am filled with joy. You are my little angel, and I wish to see you happy always. When we are together, it is the most amazing feeling. I love your face, I love your smile, and I love looking into your beautiful green eyes. You are the best thing ever happened to me, and I will make you proud to be my lover. I pray for God to guide us in this journey we have started.


  • Good morning, my love. This is to let you know that I’m thinking about you and all the things we share. I’m lucky to have you in my life, and words can’t begin to say how much I love you.


  • Good morning my love . . . There are many things that I could say about you, and there are many words that I’d like to share. But the only ones that matter are “I love you.”


  • Good morning precious, I want you to know that you are my world, and no matter how long or how far apart we may be, we will forever be together. You have given me more than I ever imagined possible, and I Love you more with every beat. I wish you a beautiful day and think of you often.


  • Good morning my love. I pray that God would give you love and passion for yourself and your life. I pray He would fill your heart with love for Him. And lastly, I pray He would always show you how much He loves you and how much He’s working in your life!


  • Good morning, sweetheart. Let me wake up to the sight of you again. I want to enjoy the warmth of your body next to mine and the sound of your breathing. Just when I feel like I won’t handle a day without you by my side, you appear. I love every single thing about you!


  • Good morning my love. I just wanted you to know that I’m blessed to have you in my life. I love you so much and can’t imagine loving someone more than I love you. You have made my world a better place, and I just want you to know how thankful I am to have someone as caring, honest, and loving as you in my life!


  • Good morning my love. I miss you so much. Please come home. I love you.


  • Good Morning Love. How are you, my queen? I pray that the Lord has blessed you with a good night’s rest, and you are ready for all that this fresh new day will bring!


  • I love you, my darling. The morning sun is finally here, and I want you to know that we have a beautiful day ahead of us. The world, it’s unkind, but together we can make anything happen. There are no limits in our relationship, and I refuse to believe in anything that could come between us. Remember this love, for it will give you all the answers and take away all the doubts from your heart. You’re my one true love!


  • Good morning sweetheart! In just a few hours, I will be home to give you the biggest hug in the world and kiss your cheek. I am so excited to see you and be with you for 24 hours straight. We have lots of plans ahead, so make sure you get enough rest today. Just know that I love you with all of my heart and soul.


  • Each morning I wake up with a huge sense of thankfulness for the day that lies ahead. Every morning I lay eyes on an amazing man. I look at you and know your love and protection surround me.


  • Good morning! I hope you have a beautiful day. Every time I wake up next to you, it blows my mind that you are mine, and I am yours. I can’t imagine my life without you. You are the best thing in my world, and every day is better with you in it! I love you.


  • Good morning my sleepy head! I know you had a hard time falling asleep; it must have been from thinking about me. It must be love that keeps you up at night because I certainly can’t! Love makes us do crazy things, and my mind is filled with love for you.


  • Morning has arrived, and with it came a bright and beautiful sunrise. I’m filled with gratitude for this special day. I can’t wait to see your face and share our love today. My heart will remain true because I love you.


  • You are part of my life now; you’re in my heart & soul. I can’t imagine my life without the love we share. I thank God for you every day. You mean everything to me; you touch my heart with your thoughtful words and thoughtful gift of love.


  • Good morning baby, I hope you have a great day today. Thinking and dreaming about you all night long made it so hard for me to fall asleep last night. You are such a sweet and beautiful girl. I can’t stop thinking about you… Good morning baby!


  • I love you, my husband, and I am so proud of you. You make me so happy every day. I am always smiling when I am with you because you bring me light and joy. Thanks for waking up next to me every morning. Good morning!


  • Good morning, my love! How beautiful you look today. Every time I look at you, I smile. Your eyes are like shining stars. They light up my entire day. Every time you see me smile, it means that I am thinking of you.


  • Good morning to the man of my dreams. My love for you will never fade… You are the only one I will ever need. There is nothing I could ask for that you won’t do.


  • Good morning!!! You’re up early; last night must have done you in. You know that I love it when you wake me up, but you still manage to do it so quietly that I never even realized you were up. All I know is that there’s a hot cup of coffee beside me, and I’m already in love with you all over again.


  •  I am keeping you in my thoughts as you work today, always a smile on my face. Send me a wink, and let’s play again this afternoon?


  • I wake up every morning and thank God for blessing me with you. As the day passes, my love for you grows stronger, and I can’t envision a day without you. You are everything to me, and I couldn’t live a day without thinking of you. Thank you for being mine!


  • Good morning my love. I hope you have a wonderful day. You mean so much to me and are the only thing that makes my day better. I love you with all of my heart!

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