Beautiful Good Morning Prayers for Children

Good Morning Prayers for Children – Are you searching for Good Morning Prayer Messages for your Child, Children, and grandchildren? Today we are providing good morning prayers for children, toddlers, students, and grown-ups. Here you can read some beautiful good morning prayers to make them smile in the morning. People around the world this day use the most common greetings.


Good Morning Prayers for Children

  • Good morning, God. Thank you for another day to see my mommy and daddy. Thank you for my bed and toys. Thank you for my food, milk, and eggs. Amen.


  • Good morning baby, You are my whole world; you make me happy. I love the way you smile and laugh. I love the way your eyes sparkle in the sunlight. I love your strength and loyalty to me always. I cannot wait to see what the day brings us and to spend it with you!


  • You are a gift from God, the child that I love. I think of you every single day. When you wake in the morning, my heart always sinks. You are my sunshine; come rain or shine. I adore your laughter; your smile simply glows!


  • Dear God, We pray that you will protect and guide us today as You protect and guide all those who are near and dear to our hearts. Please bless the people we love and who love us; our family, friends, and pets. Please send angels to watch over them wherever they go. Please receive them into Your loving arms at the end of each day.


  • Good morning my love; how’d you sleep? I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I adore you so very much. Your eyes, your hair, your smile, your laugh, your dreams. You have all of my love in this world and the next!


  • Good morning baby, I hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to remind you that I love you from the bottom of my heart. Every single morning I wake up and see your face; it gives me such a warm feeling; it makes my heart melt. You are truly amazing, and each day I know for sure that I will be together with you always.


  • Thank You, Lord, for waking me up this morning. I am so glad that You are in my life and show me the way. Thank You to my family and friends. Please guide me on this day to make good choices that will bring honor to You.


  • Good morning! We hope you have a wonderful day. Remember to always be kind and loving to others.


  • Good morning! It’s a brand new day, and I am thinking about you. I hope all my love will come to you, and let wonders be done in your life. I wish you a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and fun things to do. I know it won’t always be easy, but I will always love you.


  • God bless you this day. Let it start with a smile & a happy heart. May all the goodness of God guide your today. May the joyous feeling of is love overflowing all the moments of today. I’ll be with you, right beside you, and bringing plenty of good and happiness to your heart.


  • Good Morning Love! You may have slept well, I hope so, because of you! Have a beautiful day today. Sleep tight. My darling!!!


  • Good morning, Thank you for this day and the gift of love. Would you please let my heart be filled with love? Let me think of those around me that need love. Help me to show my love to them in ways that you would want me to. I pray that I will always have a loving heart and never let it be broken. And most of all, I pray that everyone who reads these morning prayers will feel the warmth of love and know that you care for them.


  • God is so good! I fell asleep last night with a heavy heart, and I woke up this morning feeling so blessed. Thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful life. Thank you for blessing me with family, friends, and a beautiful home. Thank you for blessing me with food in my belly and clothes on my back. Thank you for blessing me with safe places to be, goodness in my heart, and health to take care of myself and others.


  • Dear God, this is my prayer; I pray for my family, those who need help, and love. Dear God, please help me to be good so that I am blessed. 


  • Good morning, precious have a good day. May you be blessed in all ways today. Wake up with the sun and rise like a star. Have a great day, my sweet; keep smiling and enjoy your day.


  • Good morning, my angel! I hope you are having a wonderful start to your day. You are so precious to me, and I love you so much!


  • Good morning baby. I love you. The warm touch of your hand, the smell of your hair makes my day, and every night I fall asleep dreaming about being in your loving arms again. You are my soul mate through good times and bad, forever and always.


  • Morning has broken, like the first morning. Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird. And I say, Oh Lord, my life is fleeting. And all this world is fleeting. And speak the word yet once more.


  • Good morning, sweetheart. I hope you slept well and had a nice dream. Given the strange dream I had last night, with us going on a long trip but we were running late. Somehow the classroom was full of bears (dressed up in their Sunday best), while I kept chattering on about how much I would miss them all, that part weirded me out a bit, so this morning I am happy to be awake again and to spend some time with you…


  • Morning is a beautiful time of day, isn’t it? The birds are chirping as the sun shines through your window and warms your face. It’s the perfect time for you to get up because anything can happen and seize the day. Today is the beginning of your future – make it big!


  • Good morning ____. I hope you have a great day today. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you!


  • Every morning, every night, Before I go to sleep, I will pray, If you’re looking down upon me, Then please hear my prayer Angels watch and guide me As I take my first steps into another day Please help me learn the right way To treat people well along the way From loving you.


  • Good morning baby, you are the light of my life, and I love you. You are my everything, and my world would not be the same without you in it. I hope this day is full of good things, but I know that you make everything better even if it isn’t.

Good Morning Prayers for Children
Good Morning Prayers for Children


Morning Prayers for Children

  • Good morning my love. How are you today? I wish I could give a good morning prayer to my love, but it will have to wait until the break of dawn. I don’t want to disturb you during your late-night sleep. Good morning sweetheart.


  • Oh sunshine, I love you with all my heart. From the moment I wake up and see those beautiful eyes of yours smiling at me, I just can’t stop thinking about you or loving you. You are my world, my everything. And I promise that every day will be filled with love, happiness, and passion!


  • All I have to say is that you are my angel; you are my everything. You have blessed my life, and I can’t thank you enough for all of the love in return. I am so lucky to have you in my life, and I promise to always be there for you. We will never leave each other side because we came into this world together, and we will stay together forever. You make me the happiest girl!


  • Thank you, God, for giving us the most beautiful girl in the world. We know we have her because of your love and care for us. Hope is the one who makes life worth living. Thank you, Lord, for giving us, Hope.


  • My day will be so bad if you are not with me; my life’s purpose is to make you happy; you opened up your heart and those beautiful eyes to me; I thank you for being with me till forever in heaven. My love for you is endless. Good morning my angel!


  • Good morning, sweetheart. I love you, and I hope you had a wonderful night. I can’t wait to see what today has to hold for us. I know it will be filled with love, fun, and excitement. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I promise always to treasure you.


  • Good Morning. It’s a beautiful day…I hope you’re able to see that. Maybe it’s not easy right now, as life is inevitably going to get in the way at times. So I’m sending this good morning prayer so you can remember how beautiful the world is when you wake up and remind yourself that everything will be okay.


  • My love, you are the sweetest little boy. My daily prayer is that you continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom. I just want to make your life better every single day. You are a blessing, and I am so glad to be your mama!


  • Good morning my baby. I love sending you these messages each day, just to let you know how much I love you. Good morning!


  • Good morning my love! Today I am sending you a little magic and sparkle up your day. I wish you all the good things you can think of and keep the whole world smiling!! Stay well and happy.


  • I am so grateful to you. I never dreamed it would be possible to find someone like you. Every day I fall more in love, and I know this is forever. You are my world, my everything! I love you beyond words, and that will never change. Good Morning!


  • Good Morning! Thank you for spending another day with me on this beautiful earth. I feel blessed to have you in my life. I can’t wait to see the adventures we will share today. I love you!


  • Good morning children! I feel blessed to be able to spend this day with you. May God shower you with his love and Grace. Have a great day ahead!


  • Good Morning kids, How was your night? I hope that you slept well. God wants us to ignore failures, learn from mistakes, forget regrets and keep moving forward with a positive attitude.


  • Good morning my son; I thank God that you are alive today and nothing bad has happened to you as you continue to live his way. I pray that all your needs are met this day, that no harm comes your way. You have the potential to do amazing things for God, so be encouraged every day and do your best in all you do! Good morning my son! 


  • God, thank you for another morning to live. I thank you for my life and my family, friends, and neighbors. Please continue to protect and strengthen me. May today be a wonderful day in which I will learn many things and make new friends. Guide me in all of my ways so that I may always do your will and live according to your plan.


  • Good morning my kids, Twitter gators, followers, family members, friends, and colleagues. You are blessed because you were born in the most powerful nation on earth. I hope today will be great for you all and wish you a lucky and blessed day. Amen.


  • Good Morning! God’s blessings to you today! May God direct your thoughts and actions for His glory. May the angel be your companion each day as you learn and grow. I pray that you will find blessings around every corner with a smile always in your heart.


  • Good morning God, I want to bring you glory wherever I go today. Shine your light in the darkest corners of my heart and show me how to love others as much as you have loved me.


  • God, thank you for this new day. Thank you for the gift of life. Please bless me with the strength and wisdom to give thanks to you all through this day. Bless my family and friends. I know they will need you to today, God. This is my prayer!


  • May the start of your day be blessed with good morning wishes for my girlfriend. May you have a wonderful day ahead. Good Morning!


  • I am grateful for every moment I have got to spend with you. I will never stop loving you!



A Good Morning Prayers for Children


  • Good morning to you! As I lay here thinking of you, my heart flutters. I get butterflies in my stomach just knowing that we are going to spend another day together. Good morning my love.


  • Thank you for creating my day as you do every morning. You are merciful and just. You have given me the promise of another day, so I know I can make it through the hardships of today. Every morning I wake up brings new Hope and joy as I know that I’m never alone since you are always with me; good morning!


  • Good Morning! I hope you had a great night’s sleep and your dreams were filled with light and goodness. I wish I could be there to wake you up gently and kiss you good morning. So today is a perfect day to tell you how special I think you are and let you know that your place in my heart will never be replaced. Good Morning Sweetheart!


  • Good morning prayers to children. I pray that God bless us this day all the way through. I pray that God gives us the strength to face all our problems today and be victorious over them. I pray that God guides us and protects us from all dangers of the world.


  • A prayer of thanks. I bless God for this day. I enjoy this day, be it good or bad. Thank you for this gift of life. Thank you for the breath that runs through my body. Thank you for my family, friends, and the ones I love most. I enjoy this day, whether it rains or shines, be it in sickness or health; as a token of your affection, I’m grateful to you today and always.


  • Good morning angels, good morning, son. I give all of the thanks and glory to you.” Your love is like the ocean; deep, vast, and gently rolling. Thanks for being in my life!


  • It’s a new day. I am thankful that I woke up to spend it with you. I always think of you first thing in the morning, and my wish for the day is that we will stay forever. My heart is full of love and joy for you!


  • Good morning my love. Good morning sweetheart. I love you more and more every day. That’s why every day I want to be the best man for you and your family. You make me a better person because you are such a wonderful woman. You are such a kind-hearted angel that just makes me love you more! You bring happiness and beauty into my life with your smile and tenderness.


  • Good morning! It’s not that you are so beautiful; I love it when you kiss me. I am crazy about you; good morning, sweetheart!


  • Good morning Dear, I pray that you will start this day well. I pray that you will be strong and positive, and full of faith. And when you are faced with difficult decisions, I pray that you will always make the right one. Good morning dear.


  • Good morning my love. May your day be filled with happiness and joy. My heart skips a beat each time I see your smile. The sun shines brighter when you’re around, and everything seems just right. You make my world go round!


  • Good morning my love. I hope you have a great day, and I can’t wait to see you again. Stay safe, sweetheart. I love you so much!


  • Morning prayer for children, I pray that You will shine a light on me this day and every other day of my life. I pray that you will guide every choice I make and shine Your love over me always to help me maintain a spirit of Thankfulness.


  • Get all the best morning prayers for the children you need here. Very cute, easy to memorize, and a great way to start the day with your children at home or in the classroom.


  • Good morning my dearest angel; words cannot express how much I love you. I hope that every day is a beautiful day for you like it is for me. It amazes me how a person so talented and sweet as you exist. You are my world, and I don’t know where I would be without you by my side. You mean the absolute world to me; you have no idea how grateful I am that we found each other. I love you always and forever.


  • An angel on my shoulder, a love so true. When I needed someone to find, you came to me and said you’ll stay. So I will hold on and never let go, and I will pray that God keeps you close to me. You are my life, my angel, my love. I promise never to stop loving you.


  • Good morning my love; I hope you have a great day! I’m thinking of you this morning and sending you a little hug. Don’t forget to say good morning to the sun for me. I love you and can’t wait to see you later today.


  • Your smile is never more beautiful than while you sleep. I love looking at you, touch your face & hair, listening to you breathe. Watching you sleep is hypnotizing. It helps me shut out the world and relax. I can see how life would be complete without you. You make my life perfect. I love waking up with you.


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