A Morning Prayer to Start The Day – Everyday

A Morning Prayer to Start The Day: Morning is the most beautiful and peaceful time of the day. It comes after a night of sound sleep. The atmosphere is fresh, cool, and soothing. With a deep breath, you become alert. Even nature seems to be smiling at you, wishing you a very good morning. Blessings whisper in the wind as millions of rays of the sun greet you warmly… Morning prayer SMS collection for Good morning wishes together with Inspiring SMS on Morning to make your good morning better. Sending these Morning prays SMS will assist you to share your feelings with friends, family, loved ones’ friends, relatives, colleagues, boss, and customers too!


A Morning Prayer to Start The Day


  • Every morning I wake up on this side of the bed, and every morning my first thought is about you. My second thought is always about how grateful I am to have you in my life. I will always love you.


  • Good morning my love. I pray that the Lord will bless you this day and all throughout the day. Then help me be inspired and creative with my words to let you know how much I love and cherish you, sweetheart. Thank you for being part of my life; I love you with all my heart!


  • As you wake, I have a request. Before your eyes open, before the first thought in your head… I want you to think about me. Think how much you love me. Think about the fact that you can’t stop thinking about being with me. That’s how I feel about you.


  • Good morning my love. I pray that our love is blessed with a bountiful of love, laughter, and happiness. I just can’t get enough of you. My heart flutters, and my stomach gets butterflies every time I think about you. You are my everything, my everything bright.


  • Rise and shine, sleepyhead. I hope you slept well last night; I know I did. Well, maybe not so much at night, but the morning was great. Anyway, I am trying to say that I love you so much…and, of course, to have a great day!


  • Good morning. I pray that your day is full of smiles and laughter. I pray that all your pains and sadness are replaced with joy and happiness. I pray for those who hurt you in the past so that their attempts to diminish your light may not affect you anymore. I hope you smile when you remember last night’s date night and how much fun we had. And when you get home from work today, I pray for a quick kiss before you both head to bed but make sure it.


  • Good morning my love. May today be the greatest day of our life. May we spend this morning together and remain friends forever. May our love for each other continue to grow each day. May you have a peaceful day, and may all your dreams come true. Today and, every day may God bless you and keep you safe. I love you so much and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together in love, friendship, commitment, faithfulness, trust, happiness, peace, joy, and strength.



A Morning Prayer to Start The Day For Him

  • ___, I am sending you a prayer that somewhere on your journey today, there will be a moment where you are filled with peace and happiness. As you go through each day, I only ask that you remember to be thankful for the little things. Remember to cherish each experience and always try your best. You are an amazing man, and I hope today and every day after that is the best of your life. God Bless You! -___-


  • Good morning my sweet. I will cherish you forever and worship the ground you walk on for all eternity. Thank you for the love and joy that you bring to my life every day. Even if it is just a simple hug or smile, I am never the same when we are apart. You are my heart, my soul, and my everything. I love you more than words could ever express.


  • I hope you wake up with a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. I prayed for you today that you would feel my love surrounding you all day. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!


  • I can’t stop thinking of you. You are the last thought on my mind at night and the first thing in my heart when I wake up. I pray that we will be together for many more years to come. You bring me so much happiness. I love you!


  • Good morning my love. I pray for your safety and success today. Work hard, and don’t forget to stop by Starbucks for that pumpkin spice latte!


  • I hope you have a great day today! Every day I am so grateful to have your love in my life. You are the best man I know, and I wake up every morning with a new sense of awe for who you are.


  • Every day I am so thankful for you. Thank you for everything you do to make me happy and for showing me your love and affection. I want to wake up every morning and send you good morning messages to let you know that sleep is the last thing on my mind, that all I can think about is being able to kiss your sweet lips again.


  • I am sending you a morning prayer to give you strength as you go about your day. I will be thinking of you throughout the day, knowing that you are on my mind. I pray for a message from you today letting me know that you love me as much as I love you. I love you!


  • I don’t have a card for you, but I hope this message will be good enough. Good morning! I love you soooo much! I miss you so much! I wish we could wake up together, make love, and kiss under the sun. Just let me know we will be ok and that we have each other.


A Morning Prayer to Start The Day
A Morning Prayer to Start The Day


A Morning Prayer to Start The Day For Her

  • This prayer is for you. I pray that every day, God will keep you safe and healthy. Take care of yourself in every way possible. I want love in your heart and a song on your lips. I hope the joys of life touch you never like before today as they did yesterday. May all these wishes come true as the words written here, but only if you do as well as me. You bring light to my day, happiness to my life, and love to everything I do. 



  • Good morning, my love! I am so happy to be with you. I don’t deserve you! All I want from life is to wake up every morning next to you. You are my dream come true and my heart’s desire. You bring me joy and make me feel whole. I would do anything for you, my love!


  • Good morning my darling. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you so very much. I miss you more than words can ever express, but instead of being sad, I choose to be grateful for the gift that was our love. Today will be beautiful! Enjoy your day as I celebrate the love that we share and cherish it in my heart always.


  • Good morning my sweet woman; I’m so thankful that you are in my life. Each day I am more and more amazed at how much joy you bring to me. Everyday love comes naturally to you because you show it in everything that you do. You exude beauty and goodness, and I am the luckiest man in the world to have found such a treasure!.


  • I hope the morning brings only wondrous things for you. May your day be full of happiness and love with smiles upon your beautiful face. I love you more than anything, sweetness, more than life itself. Please wake up now and have an amazing day because you deserve it!


  • Good morning! My prayers are with you today. I want to thank God for his love and grace in your life. Keep him first in your thoughts, and love him for the gift of life he has given you. Keep me in your heart as I think of you throughout my day. I love you, my girl; this is a nice way to start my day.


  • It may seem like we don’t have the best of everything, but we always have the best of everything that matters. You are my world, and I can’t imagine a day without you in it. Good morning my love!



A Morning Prayer to Start The Day For Boyfriend

  • Good morning honey. This is just a little prayer that the Lord will help me make this the best day of my life and the best day of your life. I love you so much, baby.


  • Good morning gorgeous! Today’s a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. Yesterday is history, so live for today and make your dreams come true. Good morning my love; I just wanted you to know how very special you are to me. Kisses and hugs to you, from me to you, too. I love and miss you with all my heart!


  • Good morning my love. I wanted to pray with you this morning for everything you are going through, even the difficult times. Know that I am always here for you and want so much to help you through everything. Let me pray for you and ask God to provide the perfect solution for your needs. May God’s will be done in your life today and every day.


  • I pray for God to take care of you today and make sure you are safe. I pray for you to be in great spirits and full of love and that your day flows like the water that washes over the pebbles on a beach. I pray that you can hear my voice when I am next to you speaking and that you can feel my touch without even seeing me.


  • Good morning my love! I pray that God gives you a wonderful day today. Every single day with you is better than the last. I love you so much it hurts, and I just want to be with you all the time because you bring joy and happiness to my life that I never thought possible. Have a great day, love!


  • I dread the morning because I know I have to wake up and part from you. Even though we are miles apart, you remain my everything, and the thought of the day we can together again brings me so much joy. I love you!


  • I love waking up to your handsome face. Watching you sleep each night makes me smile and glowing with happiness. I am so sad the day has to come when you wake up. The only thing that could compare to waking up to you would be if you were there when I went to sleep. Thank you for such an amazing night and a perfect start to my day; I love you!


  • Good morning sunshine. I hope you slept well and are ready for the challenges of the day. I want to thank you for loving me so much, even when I am not that lovable. You are my whole world and light up my days with your sweet smile and energetic ways.


  • My love, remember that I love you more than the sun loves the morning. More than the waves love the shore. I heart you more than all of these. When your day gets hard, and you feel like giving up, remember that my love for you is infinite. And then just hold on. I am always here, holding your hand, keeping you safe.



A Morning Prayer to Start The Day For Girlfriend

  • I pray for us in the mornings; I pray that you will be happy and surrounded by only those who love you. They will see the beauty inside of you. I pray that they see how wonderfully beautiful your heart is. I pray that they also feel the need to protect you as I do. I know someday they will come around and realize that you are more valuable than anything in this world combined.


  • I pray to God every morning and night for my love. To keep you safe and healthy before I even ask for anything special. I will continue to pray for your happiness and heart every day from now until the end of my life.


  • I start my day with you and fall asleep with you in my heart. I can’t wait to see what the day has in store for us, but I am so happy that you are there by my side.


  • I pray for God’s love and mercy to surround you today and every day. I pray that your heart is filled with peace and joy and that you feel loved and cherished. I pray for happiness and success in everything you do, and I pray for a wonderful day.


  • Each day when I wake up, I thank God for the blessing you are. You are the inspiration of each day. Your smile brightens my world, and your eyes sparkle like diamonds. Everything else seems to disappear when we are together, and you can do no wrong in my eyes. I love you, baby!


  • As I lie next to you in bed, I pray for guidance through the day. I want to make you happy and cheer you up when you are down. I miss your smile and cherish every moment we share. You bring so much joy into my life and mean everything to me. God, please watch over us today as we go through our day. 


  • You are my light, my love, and my life. I woke up thinking of you because I just can’t seem to get enough of you. I pray that this day finds you laughing face to face with the one you love, having beautiful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.


  • So I wake up this morning and look at your face. I think to myself that you are so beautiful. You look so peaceful that I don’t want to wake you up. I hug you a little tighter trying not to disturb you from your slumber. As soon as I do that, you open your eyes. Seeing the love in them makes me realize how lucky I am to have someone like you who loves me unconditionally and can see past all my insecurities.



A Morning Prayer to Start The Day For Husband

  • Each day when I wake up, you are the first thought on my mind. You’ve been there since the beginning of my life, and I am so grateful for it. Your arms make me feel safe and protected; your touch makes me tremble with passion. I am so blessed to be sharing my life with you. Good morning sweetie!


  • Good morning my love! You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up, and you’re the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep. Today may not be very special, but as long as I get to spend at least one day each year with you, it is extra special to me. I have so much to say. Thank you… for loving me, for working hard, and for being an excellent father. I am praying for a beautiful day for us to enjoy together.


  • Every morning when I wake up, I thank God for the day I spend with you. You are my best friend and my soul mate. You have brought so much beauty into my life that sometimes I can feel myself overflow with happiness for you. You make me smile just thinking about you and how you adore me. How lucky I am that my world revolves around one person as great as you…and there’s no end in sight.


  • Good morning my love! God has blessed us to be together, and I thank Him every day for that. You are more amazing than I ever could have imagined, and I am so lucky to have you. As we begin this new day filled with wonders and adventures, may our love bring us closer? Good morning my wonderful husband!


  • Good morning my love. Today will be a beautiful and sunny day just like you. Your hugs and kisses are what keeps me happy and smiling. I know God made you for me because no one else could love me as much as you do. I pray this morning that God gives you extra strength so that you may have the energy to take care of our family today.


  • I want to thank God for you and our wonderful life together. I feel so blessed that you are by my side to hold me and make me smile every day. You bring such joy to my heart and warmth to my body! I love you from the bottom of my heart, and nothing will ever change that! I hope your day is as lovely as you are.


  • Good morning, my love. I pray that you are healthy and at peace today and always. May you be free from pain and any adversity. You are the joy of my life, my best friend, cheerleader, and hope for the world. I cherish your kindness and selflessness. You encourage me to grow in ways that will help us both to become better human beings. Thank you for loving me so fully and unconditionally. I only wish I could do the same for you.


  • I pray for you this morning that God will move and guide you today; I pray for strength and courage as you face the day. I pray for joy in your heart and peace in your mind; I pray for the Lord to surround you with love all day long.



A Morning Prayer to Start The Day For Wife

  • Good morning. Before I even open my eyes, my thoughts are of you. I pray that God keeps you safe throughout the day and blesses your soul with everything you need to have a great day. When I wake up from dreaming about our next life adventure, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have such an amazing wife that loves me unconditionally and is willing to support me on a great adventure or two enthusiastically. You are the most beautiful person inside and out, and I thank God every.


  • It’s a brand new day, and you are the only one on my mind. I wish I were there to greet you with a kiss and pray for guidance as I go through the day. God, please keep you safe today; I love you more than words could ever say!


  • Good morning my angel. I want to let you know that God has given me an awesome gift, and that is having you in my life. Good morning; I love you, and have a great day!”


  • I hope you are having a good morning. I have prayed for you already, and I said to God, I want my wife to be healthy, wealthy, happy – and glowing until we are very old. Have a wonderful day, my soulmate! I love you!


  • Everything I do, every step I take, every day, I am reminded of how much I love you. You make me happy, complete, and feel like the luckiest man in the world. Thank you for everything you do. Good morning my love!


  • Good morning beautiful wife; I can’t wait for today to start. I so look forward to seeing those pretty eyes and kissing that sweet face. If only we could stay in bed and not have the real world intrude, but alas, it must be done. I love you beyond words, dear wife, your husband who loves you more than anyone will ever know!


  • Good morning my love. Rise and shine. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face today: rise and shine, my one and only.


  • I watched the sunrise this morning; I thought of how much I appreciate what God has blessed me with. He has blessed me with every day of my life, all my family, and most of all you. I am so lucky to have found you. You are the love of my life! You make me a better person every day! Thanks for being who you are and making every moment together with the best!


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